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The many uses of Light-FREE Glaze

This is the nail coloring innovation women have been waiting for! Light-Free Glaze is a patented two-part system that is brushed on like polish.


Add Instant Length!

Pop on tips and brush on Glaze for instant length, color and the highest shine. Nothing else needed. Head to the party or work in minutes with beautiful, long nails.


Amazing for Toes!

In your shoes or boots and out-the-door in 5 minutes. It’s the pedicure re-invented. No more flip-flops in the snow!


Nail Art!

Just use clear Glaze, then add glitter, sparkles, beads, or enhance and protect nail art in minutes. No more waiting and it will last longer with incredible shine!


Instead of Polish!

No time to wait for polish to dry? Use over acrylics and wraps instead. Faster then gel with the same incredible shine and easier to remove. Lasts like a manicure over natural nails but is ready in minutes.


Protect and Mend!

Use one complete coat of clear or sparkle over nails that are cracked to mend til they grow out. Rock solid finish adds extra protection.


Oh So Smooth!

Apply tips and then use Light-FREE Glaze as the coating in clear or use a color instead of polish. It’s flow and fill technology fills in the ridge of the tips for an incredibly smooth surface like nothing else.


Renee Resler

President and CEO of The Nail Consultants, Ltd

Creating niche nail products since 1982

Meet Renee Resler

Renee Resler has invented and patented breakthrough technologies for nail care brands for almost 40 years.  These successful formulations have enhanced millions of nails, on thousands of women, all over the world.  Now Renee brings a new concept and patented technology she calls Light-FREE Glaze, to the nail care section.  

step into the future of color

light-FREE · chip-FREE · smudge-FREE · wait-FREE

set yourself FREETM

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